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Modern coffee bar furniture

coffee bar furniture

ISF Group brings elegant European coffee bar furniture to you. The days of the counter style coffee shop are almost completely over. Instead, there is a new style of cosmopolitan coffee bar design locations that encourage customers to linger, enjoy their drink and perhaps a bit of pastry as they surf the Internet or read through a magazine. The upscale display fixtures and counters offered allow you to create a specific atmosphere. In fact, these fixtures can be a very important part of the overall design style of a location instead of an impediment to be designed around.

Upscale display fixtures from Europe

Upscale display fixtures

European design brings elegant curves and finishes into your room. A contemporary bar counter from ISF Group is not a straight, rectangular piece. There is a flow, an organic feel, that suggests a certain relaxed refinement. At the same time, the counters and upscale display fixtures are fully functional and allow you to design a workspace that will allow your personnel to efficiently perform their tasks.

ISF Group has many different models and styles available so your options are virtually limitless. ISF Group designers will create a design around your needs, wants and physical floor plan. You can preview it with 3D drawings and when it is perfected, your coffee bar furniture will be built and installed, generally within 12 weeks.

Contemporary bar counter designs

The center of your coffee house is the counter. When you are ready to enter the design process, remember that the contemporary bar counter you select will be visited by every customer that you have. ISF Group will be able to help you pick the perfect model to anchor the atmosphere you are trying to create. Contact them today to begin your creative journey.

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