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Elegant cash wrap counters and bars

cash wrap counters

ISF Group checkout counters, like all of the fixtures they offer, have a refined sense of style. The European fashion, which has been quite influential in US retail design, features smooth curves, even in the glass surfaces. These custom store fixtures make your store look fresh and modern, even if there is an overall retro feel to your decor. Besides being attractive, cash wrap counters and bars from the ISF Group are also functional. In fact, among their catalog you will find everything from bar style arrangements to freestanding supermarket inspired counters.

ISF Group can help you with more than just your point of sale fixture. They have everything from refrigerated cases to gondola shelving. There are even unique fitting rooms that can be installed in spaces that are not built with them. Their experts can take your needs and floor plan and create a beautiful, functional layout. Once you approve the 3D drawings of the design, it generally only takes 8 to 12 weeks before their teams install the fixtures.

Attractive and functional checkout counters

checkout counters

In retail, your checkout counter is probably your most important point of business. Many customers will not engage in any interaction with your personnel until they are ready to pay for their goods. In addition to providing a place for transactions, many cash wrap counters are a central point in the store where customers can find assistance. Of course, they often also display small goods to encourage impulse buying. All of this combines to make your checkout counters the practical, if not literal, center of your space. It is extremely important that it conveys the proper message to your clientele. ISF Group offers fixtures from the top European manufacturers. They can help you select and install the best fixture for your store.

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