ISF Italian Store Fixtures - Fine Italian store fixtures including refrigerated display cases, bar counters, cash counters, and much more.
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Welcome to ISF Italian Store Fixtures.

At ISF Group, we design and manufacture a full range of fine Italian fixtures both for retail and for all kind of food related Stores. We manufacture in Italy a vast selection of retail fixtures, ranging from shelving, cabinets, clothing racks and wrap counters to bar counters, refrigerated & hot display cases, deli cases, bakery fixtures, restaurants & grocery store displays, etc.

Whether you're starting a new business or you are looking to update your current business with a fresh, modern, classic, contemporary look. At ISF Group, we guide you through the entire process of setting up your Store with the most recent designs in fixtures and, at the same time, we take in consideration the functionality and economics of your Project.

A complete layout drawing and 3D views of all fixtures are submitted to you for approval, and we provide you with one of our Teams of Technicians for a hassle-free and quick installation. Our store fixtures are all modular, which means an easy, headache-free installation and set-up with no need for costly engineers, architects, or contractors. Our store fixtures are all designed & manufactured to zero tolerance in Italy, with a distinctive Italian sense of style, to create a unique and integrated custom-made look.


A few examples of some of our Fine store fixtures:

italian style food display cases and more

ISF Group is the premier supplier of shopfitting from top European manufacturers. This Italian furnishing and accessory manufacturer can help you find the proper fixtures and design for your location. If you are in food service, whether in groceries or a coffee house, they have elegant food display cases and counters. They even have a range of refrigerated bakery display cabinets that combine an attractive appearance with food safety.

Retailers will find a complete range of upscale display fixtures. These fixtures will help you establish the atmosphere you want in your space. From apparel gondolas to cash wrap counters, they have everything you need to outfit your shop and the experience to help you design the best layout. Explore the ISF Group articles and to see examples of their fixtures, amazing designs and learn how to start the design process for your business.

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